Friday, 4 March 2011

Wonder Woman

No copyright intended: Wonder woman
from Warner Bros.
 So this super hero *ahem* lady may not be real but this doesnt make her any less of an icon than she would have been as a real woman. If you dont know who she is then shame on you... because your boyfriend certainly will!

Origintating from All Star Comics #8 during the early 1940's, Wonder Woman has become a legend in her own right with books, video cames a TV series and collectible items under her lasso she is definatley a 'gal' to be taken seriously.

Accoriding to DC Comics, she was first created as a:

"distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men."

I don't know about you but that was more than enough to make me fall in love with the character!

Her attire consists of a pair of indestructable bracelets - ready to face any demon, a lassoo of truth - forcing those faced with it to tell the truth, a pair of high waisted lycra hotpants (that stick to the theme of America thanks to the stars) along with a red bustier / corset (attatched to it the Wonder Woman logo and a gold waist belt) along with a tiara that doubles up as a projectile. Pretty amazing outfit if you ask me!

Forget the Spice girls - Wonder Woman is definatley the Queen of everything that defines girl power, this is why I have decided to add her into my Icons archive.

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