Friday, 4 March 2011

Wonder Woman

No copyright intended: Wonder woman
from Warner Bros.
 So this super hero *ahem* lady may not be real but this doesnt make her any less of an icon than she would have been as a real woman. If you dont know who she is then shame on you... because your boyfriend certainly will!

Origintating from All Star Comics #8 during the early 1940's, Wonder Woman has become a legend in her own right with books, video cames a TV series and collectible items under her lasso she is definatley a 'gal' to be taken seriously.

Accoriding to DC Comics, she was first created as a:

"distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men."

I don't know about you but that was more than enough to make me fall in love with the character!

Her attire consists of a pair of indestructable bracelets - ready to face any demon, a lassoo of truth - forcing those faced with it to tell the truth, a pair of high waisted lycra hotpants (that stick to the theme of America thanks to the stars) along with a red bustier / corset (attatched to it the Wonder Woman logo and a gold waist belt) along with a tiara that doubles up as a projectile. Pretty amazing outfit if you ask me!

Forget the Spice girls - Wonder Woman is definatley the Queen of everything that defines girl power, this is why I have decided to add her into my Icons archive.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher: As seen in Allure magazine, USA.

Some of you may recognize Isla fisher from films such as Confessions of a shopaholic, Wedding crashers, Definitley maybe or even as Sharon Reed in Home and Away back in 1997.

Wherever you remember this flaring scottish-australian red head from, you surely wont have forgotten her.

Plummeted onto Red's front cover this month (April 2011), Isla Fisher is back in the limelight talking about her recently new life as a mother in Hollywood.

So you get the jist - she's famous, but you want to know why I've decided to list her on my icons page?

Basically I feel as though the acting industry today, seems to be full of Angelina Jolie, Sarah J Parker and Nicole Kidman wannabees. Not that there is anything wrong with those actresses: their all talented, but there are so many young actresses who dive into plastic surgery, splurge cash and turn into diva's just to try and reach their level of fame.

This is why I have put Isla Fisher on my Icons page. I believe that she is a refreshing face for normal young women like myself to look up too.

She is beautiful, talented, fashionable and seems to be able to balance out a life in hollywood with some sort of sanity. Never has she resorted to the drastic depths of plastic surgery (yes, im looking at you Hidi Montag) and she never draws attention to her personal life. She is focused on what she wants to achieve in life and remains strong and outspoken in what she believes in. Husband Sacha Baron Cohen has supposedly brought religion into Isla Fisher's life. When asked about converting to his religion Judaism by Red magazine, Isla answered:

"It's enriched my life enormously".